Essential Principles of Questionnaire Design

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  1. Target the vocabulary and grammar to the population be surveyed.
  2. Avoid ambiguity, confusion, and vagueness.
  3. Avoid emotional language, prestige bias and leading questions.
  4. Avoid asking about future intentions.
  5. Don’t assume the respondent is an expert on themselves (unless you have no choice).

Each rule of thumb will be explained in the next blog posts so watch for those upcoming posts…

Source: Analytictech


Remember that Shamwow ad?

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The video is funny and quite sarcastic and then…so what? you might say. Hang on! do you know that parody has a marketing element? Parody can be used to target certain segment (e.g. Teen). A parody can also make a brand popular faster. Have you ever encounter a brand / product which parody is more popular than the original (and yes…in the end you are aware of that brand / product thanks to the parody)?

Facebook Unveils One of History’s Most Powerful Recommendation Engines

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Solid article by Kirkpatrick! Love especially the part where Google is mentioned:

The Google-Battling Power of Recommendations

That Facebook says these recommendations cannot be purchased and are entirely algorithmic is very important. That’s an important nod towards the democratizing nature of the system. Another would be if the algorithm privileged some relevant and high-quality but long tail publishers – not just what’s popular and successful among similar people. It’s hard to believe there won’t be some paid option some time in the future.

Recommendation-geeks have argued that recommendation may someday become bigger, more important and more lucrative than search. Recommendation is like a smarter, pre-emptive search before you even thought to search for anything. The richness of the data that this is based on inside Facebook is truly incredible. This could be how the battle between Facebook and Google plays out: as Recommendation vs. Search. User demographics vs. search personalization. Publisher engagement vs. Pagerank. Now what does Google have to offer against Facebook’s key feature – the Newsfeed people opt-in to get subscriptions (and ads, basically) pushed in front of them, side by side with baby pictures and friend updates, into the indefinite future?

Full article here:


I think Google still currently superior to Facebook when it comes to recommending pages (What i mean by superior is of course….smarter). There’s one time i saw Facebook’s recommended page said the following:

“WATCHING TV, many who likes NCIS: LOS ANGELES likes this”

Thank you Captain “Facebook” Obvious! Isn’t this the same like saying “AIR, many who likes “LIVING ON PLANET EARTH” likes this”??

But i’m sure in the future Facebook’s recommendation engine will be better. This engine will not only benefit social media users but also social media marketers.

Trololo Guy

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You gotta love him =)

Poll time!

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Why England did not Succeed in 2010 World Cup?

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Really like the review The Guardian UK, especially the 5th reason:

Tired players and not enough homegrown talent available

This was the oldest England side to depart the country for a World Cup and, at times, it showed. Capello conceded last night that his players “appeared tired” after the domestic campaign. That told only half the story.

The ‘Golden Generation’ had been presented with one last shot at gleaning a major trophy but, in truth, these players merely ended up emulating their toils of previous tournaments. The sense of deflation in the end was all too familiar. The very fact that Capello had felt compelled to lure Carragher out of a three-year international retirement, and King from the treatment room at Tottenham Hotspurtable, was indicative of the paucity of resources at his disposal. The Italian even sounded out Paul Scholes on the eve of naming his squad, and midfield was an area of the team England were supposed to be strongest.

The reality is, as Capello has pointed out in the past, that only some 38% of players who feature regularly in the Premier League are available to the England manager for selection. The league may be considered to be the most competitive and attractive in the world by many, but it is arguably to the detriment of the national team. The biggest worry, of course, is that the next generation of players who emerge to replace the current crop have found opportunities so limited to make an impact at the top-end of the top flight. The FA talk up the current under-17s, but what happens until they are ready to progress?

Full article here:


These so called Golden Generation even become millionaires and celebrities (who believe at their own hype). They seem to be living in their own dream world and may be seen as heroes and nominees in TV shows but when reality kicks in (pronounced: playing in the World Cup against other countries), they are inferior. They also forgetting the fact that the team’s success is also supported by regeneration of both local and international players (not by relying solely on the manager and the somehow divine power of “since we invented the game, we’ll always prevail”). Take the Germans for example, who value player regenerations and hardwork, delivered fantastic performance throughout this year’s biggest world soccer fest before finally (honorably) losing to the Spaniards. The Germans’ calmness and confidence are result of familiarity. Reading opponents’ ball direction patterns and anticipating opponents actions are a breeze to the Germans since they’ve done them (ridiculously) many times during their practice sessions with coach Joachim.

In the end, some questions might arise: Who/what is this Golden Generation? Is Golden Generation overrated? Should the British learn from the Germans this time?

Movie currently inside my head

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Do I like it? YES.

My comment: Absolutely better than the previous Toy Story movies, Kinda more “grown-up” type of movie though; saw some 4th/5th graders watching this movie. did they enjoy this movie as much as us grown ups? =/

What about you guys? Please post your opinions at the comment section below (NO STORY LINE SPOILERS PLEASE)